Eat All The Thing is a 3D platformer with a stealth element. Eat all the things without getting caught! Targetting Nintendo Switch, Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.


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Dander the Cat

Dander loves having picnics. A warm summers day with her basket of fruit, freshly made sandwitches and some iced tea makes her day complete.
Favourite food: Ham & cheese sandwitches

Raddish the Unicorn

With the sound of the bass, cheering from crowds and the wind machine in her hair, theres no place like home than the stage for Raddish. She rocks out all day and all night!
Favourite Food: Bubblegum icecream

Apfel the Panda

Apfel loves all fruit, but none more than oranges! However, his parents say there's no future in oranges... he's been forced into the apple trade since childhood.
Favourite Food: Oranges Apples

Bronut McChumpchet

He can't help himself, he just has to eat all the things. He has nothing against the hosts, but anything that gets between him and food is the enemy.
Favourite Food: SELECT * FROM Food

Tablet Borgias

Founder of TABLET Corp. and all-around awesome guy. Not much is known about Tablet, but he may be playing both sides. He also has fascinating eyebrows.
Favourite Food: Unknown

The Watchers

Developed in-house by TABLET Corp., The Watcher surveillence technology offers a state-of-the-art tailored security solution to detect trespassers.
Favourite Food: Justice